Friday, March 30, 2012

Summer 2012 Hairstyle Ideas for On-the-Go Girls

Trying new looks can be a tricky thing, yet with the right tips you can surprise everyone with a roll-worthy appearance! This season, get creative and update your style with these quick summer 2012 hairstyles for on-the-go-girls! Simple and easy as saying 'fab 'do!'

Twists, knots, braids, messy ponys, just-rolled-out-of-bed locks, or ravishing accessories, it's your time to steal the spotlight this season trying some of the hottest and easiest summer 2012 hairstyle ideas for on-the-go-girls. Forget complicated styles and opt instead for simple ones. With just a few tricks and tips you can get attention-grabbing 'dos and recreate the looks spotted on the runways. You can keep your tresses loose and obtain a bed-head aspect (Givenchy) or dare the androgynous wet effect (Ohne Titel, Giambattista Valli) for maximum impact!

For an instant change, take a peek at Jill Stuart's side-swept 'do or at ADAM's refined waves! Add some bohemian sexiness and mystery with a tousled look making a deep side parting rolling one section in the back or pull back two pieces for a romantic result. You can also stand out with some rockabilly rolls as seen at Tracy Reese. Achieve the 'do at home gathering a hair section and wrapping it around a chopstick. Next, roll it upward until the entire roll is on the scalp. Secure with bobby pins. Easy as saying 'fab'!

Don't worry! You're not the only one facing a hectic lifestyle and busy schedules! Well, for those days when you just cannot find the time to style your hair, experts always come with smart solutions in order to solve your issues. Season after season, they bring newer versions of timeless 'dos that you can recreate at home with the minimum amount of effort. Such is the case of the already famous braid (Francesco Scognamiglio, ASHISH). Perfect for sunny summer days, a side braid looks so modern and feminine and it only takes two minutes to get it right.

Another 'do that never goes out of style is the high and tight chignon (Sophie Theallet, Stella McCartney). Elegant and chic, the chignon works great for casual looks as well as for special, formal occasions. Pull your hair back into a ponytail smoothing down any flyaways and wrap it into a chignon. For a clean, glamorous finish apply some hold hairspray.

Are you on the hunt for something more spectacular and innovative? Have a nosey at Marc by Marc Jacobs' ponytail-bun hybrid. You can create this apparently complicated 'do by yourself making a pony, folding it upward, securing it with a long barrette before flipping it back down toward the nape of the neck and securing it with a second clip.

Other uber-cool summer 2012 hairstyles for on-the-go-girls are the ones spotted at Missoni and 3.1 Phillip Lim. Still, the 'do that drew all our attention was the looped ponytail seen at Carolina Herrera. Start by making a center parting and pull your hair into a low ponytail. Then, loop the pony underneath the elastic band and leave some face-framing flyaways for a romantic vibe.

What is fun, colorful yet super-chic and bewitching and can change your look in seconds? A stylish hair accessory, of course! Every girl should have some interesting accessories in her wardrobe as these are the easiest and quickest ways to give a mega-boost to your appearance. Whether it's a lovely headband or a cheerful scarf, these are items that allow you to get a variety of creative looks. This season, you can update a simple bun with a precious headband as spotted at Louis Vuitton or add interest to your messy ponytail securing it with a scarf (Emilio Pucci).

Sometimes a scarf can bring that head-turning finish you need in order to make an entrance. Moreover, a scarf not just refreshes your look but it is also a great method to protect you against UV rays. Stay stylish in the sun and try the "woman in the desert" look as seen at Nicholas K. Or, you can go glam using chic hair cover-ups as the ones at Luca Luca. This season, be daring, complete your ensembles with a unique hair accessory and surprise everyone with a notice-me-now appearance.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Where's The Party?

Arm Party: "the science behind the complicated calculations that are drawn and solved in order to properly decorate one's wrist"; to wear heaps and heaps of jewellery on the arms - or any other limbs for that matter, we don't discriminate - to display its prettiness (as seen on The 'very awesome' Man Repeller. Actually, she's so cool she actually OWNS this term).

It's easy to achieve it... Just invite all of your random-arm-adorning-kinds-of-stuff and puff! You'll have an arm parteyy going on. Seriously, get some friendship bracelets and bangles, add a couple of chains, introduce them to your favorite watch and you're good to go! There are no rules. Be not afraid of greatness and mix plastic with leather, silver and gold, spikes, beads and sparkly diamonds...
Just remember: go big or go home!

What she said... Rachel Zoe

"Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak."

Rachel Zoe

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Style Perfection: Nicola

She's so freaking COOL!

Black, white, leather, platform heels, loose blouses and statement necklaces... I would totally wear everything on her blog.

 I think she's my style soulmate ahah ♥

Monday, March 19, 2012

Vectory by BAGUERA

Este mês, a BAGUERA, uma marca de joalharia criada pela joalheira Branca Cuvier em 2011, lançou a sua nova colecção de malas - Vectory. O nome da colecção surge da sinergia entre as palavras Vector e Vitória e combina diversos elementos de design que personificam a mulher do século XXI através de carteiras clutch, feitas em acrílico e pele artificial. As facetas da clutch são traçadas por diferentes vectores, têm uma multiplicidade de formas que por si representam as várias facetas do papel feminino na sociedade moderna.

Sob a direcção de Branca Cuvier, a campanha Vectory by BAGUERA acompanha o trajecto de duas mulheres emancipadas e independentes na sua rotina Lisboeta e está divida em duas partes: Vectory by Day e Vectory by Night. Para protagonistas foram escolhidas duas mulheres que representam a modernidade feminina do nosso século. Audazes, irreverentes e sobretudo originais, a criativa Wilma Faget e fashion blogger Pureza Fleming encaram a filosofia BAGUERA: quem quiser sobreviver e triunfar nesta selva urbana não se pode dar ao luxo de passar despercebido.

“Every woman has at least a couple of personalities”

“I see neon lights whenever you walk by”

“The interior of a woman’s purse is the keyhole in her mind and soul”

"The accessory that personifies the 21st Century Modern Day Woman"

Clutches in pleather, acrylic and metal by Baguera

How cool are these? I'm in love with the mirrored one  ♥

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hair Headbands Accessories Fashion Trends 2012

Hair Headbands Accessories Fashion Trends 2012

Headbands Transcend age, trends and style. They are always in style and always will be effortless. Picture this: you wake up in the worst day of hair again, try every product in your arsenal. Without any problems! Slip on your head and you're ready for the day. Tease a little hair on the head or put it in a ponytail. Mystery celebrity trick has been for ages, now it's yours, too.

Check out the feathers on this one. Actually consists of many tiny, dyed feathers atop an oval base, and would look great with little-black-dress type attire.

 Adorn the basic headbands with beautiful feathers for one-of-a-kind accessories. 

Tools and materials
Fabri-Tac fabric glue
Scrap Ribbon
Needle and thread
Plain headband
Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
Feather pad (hackle), or an assortment of feathers to create a
Nonstick surfaces, such as the hot glue mat or Leftover label backing paper

Fashion headband how-to
In order to feather pad (hackle)

1. Select nice looking feathers. Clip the excess Fuzz from around the pen with sharp scissors.

2. Place a small DAB Fabri-Tac nonstick surface. Arranges tops with quills meeting DAB of glue. Let dry for one hour. Peel feathers from the nonstick surface.

Create a Ribbon flower 

1. To sew a Stitch running on one side of the Ribbon with a needle and thread.

2. Pull thread between the sliding strips down to create a flower.

3. Hot glue the Center of the Ribbon flower.

Assemble headband 

1. Look in the mirror with the header specifies the placement of the feathers. Mount feather pad head Fabri-Tac or hot glue and secure with clothespin until dry.

2. Add Ribbon flower at the base of the pen hackle with hot glue and secure with a clothespin to dryness.

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